Monday, June 14, 2010

Forgo the craze and get creative

I'm incredibly interested in the new trends in digital marketing and advertising; yet, this article below got me thinking about the benefit of sticking to traditional media. In an older post, I had mentioned how Olay and Proactiv really thought about what traditional advertising meant for them and how to break out from it. Now I've got to thinking this... as everyone else is breaking out of traditional media in the terms of traditional vs new/digital media maybe it is the time to stand out in the old arena! 

Thinking back to my radio sales days, I started out helping to sell spots and then turned into handling only new media ads... and boy were there a lot of different ones and a lot more the station group was hoping to offer. So the media is changing to focus on digital advertising as the thought is that advertisers want to move into that. Wouldn't that mean those old spots aren't getting as much attention and would be selling for less and to less people? Increase your reach and your frequency! 

So with that money you are saving on your spot, you can put in some dough to developing really interesting campaigns. But better yet, if you are focusing on traditional media and don't spend all that time @replying to every customer whom tweets about your product/service then you have the time to build some amazing creative.  

Another way to break through the clutter... don't jump on the bandwagon of clutter! In saying all that, I'd still recommend focusing some time and money in digital as having a true marketing mix to cover all different channels really helps your reach!

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