Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thinking outside the box in advertising...

Not to be too cliche (as my title would make you believe otherwise), I think when trying to make your brand stand out among others you must really decide what is the "box" in which you associate yourself. Proactiv and Olay both found great ways to step outside their conventional advertising. Even though they are both skincare brands, their traditional forms of advertising were very different--Proactiv with a buy-now infomercial approach and Olay with the common consumer product ads. Both companies are getting a lot of hype having flipped their approach. Olay is now using infomercials that discusses more about the science of the product, and Proactiv has developed a campaign around catchy phrases about "being Proactiv" placed in usual ad space in top-selling magazines rather than the back with all that crap. I found this particularly interesting because being in shopping center marketing it seems that print is the usual channel for shopping center ads, but I've focused mine on online and radio. We are seeing some great response to both of these more unconventional forms of advertising for our industry!

Trying to Move Up From a Fast-Talking, Buy-Now Approach

Olay Infomercial Hoping to Boost Trials

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